How Does It Work?

Trader Maria fixes Trader Al’s fence, which takes 2 hours. She earns 2 hours. With her hours, she purchases 2 one-hour guitar lessons from Trader Juan Carlos. Trader Juan Carlos spends his earned hours on a massage from Trader Jamila… It’s easy: give what you want, get what you need!

Anyone in the community can sign up to be a member. Each potential member fills out an online application and attends an in-person orientation..   Once this process is successfully completed, the member is granted access to log on to our secure website, where members post service requests and offers. If a member does not have a computer or internet access, we will try to pair them up with a “buddy” with a computer who can help them post offers and requests. Public computers are also available at most public libraries.

There is no charge to join Valley Time Trade. After one year, and each succeeding year, members are asked to either provide 2 hours of service to the timebank or contribute $20. It’s easy to provide 2 hours of service to the timebank by working on a committee or helping out with an event or service project.