Organizations can join Valley Time Trade as well. Organizations can spend “hours” by asking people to help with mailings, setting up, cleaning up, preparing for an event, helping at an event and more. Organizations can earn hours in many different ways: by giving an hour of  the service that you provide, a performance, an hour of computer instruction, a ticket to an event, space for VTT orientations or meetings – the possibilities are unlimited. Get in touch with us at to talk further about possibilities, or fill out an organizational membership application (fill-in PDF).

When You Want to Receive a Service:

  1. Find a member who can provide the service you’re looking for.
  2. Contact the member(s) in advance of when you need the service and agree on:
      • date, time and location of service to be provided; the amount of time the member will spend providing the service as well as time spent traveling to and from where the service will be provided;


  3. parts, supplies or ingredients needed. The member who is receiving the service is responsible for paying for parts, supplies, or ingredients required to complete the service. You and the other member must decide which of you will provide tools, if they are needed.
  4. If your presence is required for the service, be sure to be there and on time. If you will be late, be sure to notify the other member as soon as possible;
  5. Then have the work done!

Member Organizations (needs updating)

APE Gallery
Brick House Community Center
Class Action
Coop Power
Grow Food Northampton
Holyoke Tutoring/Mentoring Program
Northampton Community Television
Northampton Theater Collaborative
Pioneer Valley Local First
SweatFree Communities
Transition Northampton
Turners Falls River Culture
Valley Time Trade