Time Trading

Time Trading is an organized exchange system through which members earn hours (time credits) for time spent helping other members. One hour of service earns one hour of someone else’s time, no matter what the service. We are part of a movement across the country and across the world of hundreds of local timebanks.

Members can “buy” hours of service they want or need with time credits. Everyone’s time and service are valued equally. For example, Trader Maria fixes Trader Al’s fence, which takes 2 hours. She earns 2 time credits. With her time credits, she purchases 2 one-hour guitar lessons from Trader Juan Carlos. Trader Juan Carlos spends his time credits on a massage from Trader Jamila… It’s easy: give what you want, get what you need!

Anyone in the community can sign up to be a member. Each potential member attends an orientation and fills out an application. Once this process is successfully completed, the member is granted access to log on to our secure website, where members post service requests, review offers and track hours. If a member does not have a computer or Internet access, we will look for a computer buddy for them.

There is no charge for individuals to join Valley Time Trade. Members’ services to the timebank cover many of our expenses. However, like any nonprofit organization, we operate within the larger money economy, relying on yearly donations to accomplish our mission. There is a separate member structure for organizations.  See more information about the process for both individuals and organizations on the ‘Join!’ page.

When You Want to Receive a Service:

  1. Find a member who can provide the service you’re looking for by posting a message, request ad or responding to an offer ad already posted.
  2. Contact the member in advance of when you need the service and agree on:
    • date, time and location of service to be provided; the amount of time the member will spend providing the service, as well as if travel time to and from the location will be included.
  3. Think about the tools, parts, supplies or ingredients that will be needed. The member who is receiving the service is responsible for paying for anything required to complete the service. You and the other member decide which of you will provide tools, etc. when needed.
  4. If your presence is required for the service, please be there and on time. If you will be late, be sure to notify the other member as soon as possible.
  5. The person who provides the service documents the hours exchanged on the website, and the receiving member will get an email documenting that the time was removed from their account.
  6. Enjoy receiving and giving the time trade way!  And invite your friends, family and colleagues to join VTT!